Are you looking for the perfect side hustle that allows you to make money while helping your most valued senior clientele?

D2C Insurance Group would like to invite you to become an affiliate partner and earn cash by simply referring seniors who are already in your network and need final expense life insurance.

We specialize in hard to place policies and have brokered with several A-rated insurance carriers to offer state regulated final expense plans to clients in the following senior market:

Ideal candidates for our affiliate program will either work directly with seniors in the healthcare industry or any other field where seniors are regularly contacted and can be referred to us. Please visit to learn more about us and the plans we offer.

Here's what's in it for you:

$25 For Each Referral

You will receive *$25 for each qualified referral* you submit to us whether your client purchases a policy or not. Funds will be deposited weekly through Zelle or CashApp.

Free Rx Card

To help you get MORE referrals, as an incentive we will give each of your qualified referrals a *FREE discount Rx drug card* whether they become clients of ours or not. Just ask them to mention your name or affiliate ID code to receive their free discount card.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

The satisfaction and peace of mind knowing you have helped someone protect their family when they needed it most and perhaps didn't know where to turn or who to trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Referrals MUST meet all of the following conditions to qualify:

  • MUST be Aged 45-85
  • CANNOT suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • MUST actually speak with an agent and acknowledge with us that they are interested in qualifying for life insurance (referrals may call directly, leave a voice message or schedule an appointment on our calendar)

Deposits are made weekly. Every Saturday by 11:59pm.

Funds will be deposited into the account you choose upon sign up (Zelle or CashApp). You are able to verify and track each referral by logging onto your secure online portal using your password.

Our company represents experienced agents who have been dedicated to helping clients find affordable insurance since 2006 and we are quite passionate about what we do. We are nationally licensed in over 20 States with a primary focus on protecting Seniors and their families by offering affordable, state regulated final expense plans. We are licensed and fully committed to our growing client base throughout the United States.  If that isn’t enough for you there is always the Affiliate Agreement to protect you.

Absolutely not.  The affiliate agreement was created to protect YOU as an affiliate and outlines in detail the specifics of the affiliate program. Either party is free to end the business relationship at any time without consequence.

Yes, as a tier 1 affiliate you may only submit a maximum of 10 referrals each week.

A maximum number of referrals for new affiliates helps mitigate risk. So, until we get to know each other better, this allows both parties to determine if this will truly be a good fit. It also helps us as an company guarantee quality referrals.

Tier 1 affiliates are limited to 10 referrals a week while tier 2 affiliates may submit an unlimited amount of referrals each week, which also equates to unlimited income potential.

All affiliates start off at a tier 1 level for a minimum of 3 months. Any affiliate who maintains a 40% close rate on their referrals will automatically be bumped up to tier 2 after three months. Running weekly and monthly close rates will always be displayed in your affiliate portal for you to track and review.

Referrals may either call in, leave a voice message or schedule an appointment online using your name and/or the affiliate number we provide you. We will make at least 3 contact attempts on missed calls when a voice message is left. Once we’ve made contact and qualified your referral, their information will be logged into the portal as an approved referral for you to view. You will receive a text message each time a referral is entered. We will also provide you with affiliate cards that you can leave with referrals showing your affiliate number and all necessary information for them to either call or schedule a calendar appointment with us.

Unless you are a licensed insurance agent it is important NOT to solicit, sell or negotiate insurance business. While you may inquire about a referral’s need for final expense life insurance then provide us (licensed agents) as a resource to them, you may NEVER engage in a meaningful discussion about the specifics of any insurance product. The best way to schedule appointments would be to simply ask “Do you need any sort of help with final expense burial planning? If so, I know someone who can help you out with that.” then give them your affiliate card to call us or schedule an appointment. It’s that easy! You can also direct them to our website if more information is needed.   

No. We will not report your affiliate earnings to the IRS unless it is over $600 for the calendar year.

Becoming an affiliate is simple. Click on the “become an affiliate” link above to schedule a “meet and greet” with one of our affiliate program coordinators to see if we are a good fit for each other.  We will answer all of your questions and get you signed up as quickly as possible. Once on boarding is complete, most affiliates can start submitting referrals within 48 hours and get paid the very same week. 

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