Losing a close family member is naturally a painful ordeal, but for many, the emotional suffering associated with this sort of loss is often compounded with the financial burden of  covering unexpected final expenses (funeral service, estate taxes, medical bills, etc.) A State approved life insurance burial plan between $5,000 – $50,0000 in coverage can help lift this financial burden from your family while leaving social security and retirement assets untouched. There are several low cost programs to choose from. So, there’s no reason you can’t protect the one’s you love now by avoiding the unnecessary suffering caused by being ill-prepared for the future. Be remembered as a blessing, not a burden.

Final Expense
Policy Benefits

Final expense life insurance coverage is affordable and easy to apply for. It’s not just LIFE insurance, it’s LOVE insurance. You buy it for those you LOVE today to ensure their financial stability is protected in the future.

  • Guaranteed Issue Ages 45-85* – No medical exam is required and you won’t be turned down regardless of health
  • 10-15 Minute Application – Most policies are approved and issued the same day
  • Coverage Provided by “A” Rated Carriers – All of our insurance carriers have been assigned a financial strength “A” rating which is the highest rating in the industry
  • Riders included for Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illnesses – You may use your policy as a living benefit to pay expenses related to a chronic or terminal illness while you’re alive
  • A Guaranteed Fixed Premium for the Life of Your Policy – You never have to worry about your premium payments increasing
  • A Whole Life insurance policy – Get coverage for up to $50,000 with a policy that builds cash value and can not be cancelled by the carrier as long as your premium payments are made
  • Safe and Secure E-Applications – Your policy will be issued safely and conveniently over the phone by one of our licensed agents without unnecessary risk or exposure to your health and security.

*Exclusions apply for certain age groups

A few of Our Top Rated Carriers

We only work with “A” rated carriers to cover all of your insurance needs


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Why Do I Need Final Expense Insurance Protection?

Burial insurance and final expense insurance is a form of life insurance that is easy for most people to apply and qualify. It is also much more affordable than traditional whole life insurance. This type of insurance provides financial coverage for burial (or cremation), including all related funeral expenses incurred from insured’s passing. The money goes directly to your beneficiary. Family members will be able to use these monetary benefits to cover the cost of your memorial service, as well as any additional debts you may leave behind, such as:  property taxes, medical bills, etc. The policy can also serve as a legacy for those you love and wish to bless with a financial contribution to help keep them on the right track financially after your passing. 

Average U.S. Funeral Costs*

Casket$2,000-10,000A casket made from metal fiberboard, fiberglass, plastic mahogany, bronze or copper.
Funeral Service fee$2,100This fee covers the cost of the funeral home or cemetery’s labor and equipment
Vault$1,395The Price of the protective enclosure the coffin rest in.
Cremation Casket$1,000The cost of the combustible container required for the cremation process.
Embalming$725The process of preserving a human body is often required for open-casket services, or if the remains are set to be transferred interstate.
Funeral home staff$500An Optional fee for enlisting the funeral home staff to assist with this service.
Facility usage$425If you want to use the funeral home’s chapel for the viewing, you’ll pay this fee.
Cremation fee$350The cost of cremating the body. Most funeral home don’t have crematoriums, so they need to outsource this to a third-party.
Hearse$325The charge for the vehicle used to transport the body from the funeral home to the cemetery.
Transportation$325The price of transferring the body to the funeral home or morgue.
Urn$200-500The price of the urn to hold the remains after they’ve been cremated
Cosmetic preparations$250Funeral homes charge a fee for any cosmetic preparation relating to makeup application, clothing and hairstyling.
Memorial service extras$160The cost of printing pamphlets, prayer cards and other materials for the funeral.
Service vehicle$150The fee for transporting family members to and from the funeral.
Burial Plot$1,000-4,000A public or private spot where a body is laid to rest in the ground.
Headstone$200 – 5,000A market (typically made of stone) placed at the head of a grave, generally inscribed with the name of deceased.

Total Funeral Expense
$8,100 – $25,200


* This is the Average funeral expense price breakdown across the US according to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), price may fluctuate based on your geographic location and cost of inflation.

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Final Expense Facts

FACTSThe Average U.S. Burial cost is between $8,000-$25,000
FACTSMost Americans who pass away leave their loved ones financially burdened because they never got around to purchasing a life insurance policy
FACTSTomorrow is NOT promised to anyone of us
FACTSIf you’re reading this, it’s not too late to take action TODAY and show someone you care

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